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Jewell Parkinson

Chief Human Resources Officer, SAP North America

“The format in which it occurs, lends itself to individuals walking out as cultural ambassadors, and then they can multiply their impact on the organization. Forefront creates an environment where everyone feels safe, feels secure and can be themselves, and that's where all the great ideas happen."

Danny Allen

Head of Tech Diversity and Inclusion, SAP

"In 2016, I was introduced to Forefront. The firm’s focus on diversifying leadership was immediately clear. Since then, the company has stayed true to their mission of helping drive sponsorship and mentorship across difference. In 2018, SAP launched a national relationship with Forefront, with the launch of the SAP - Forefront Cultures™ program. The SAP offices selected for the program were Palo Alto, New York, Atlanta, and Bellevue. In each location thus far, the experience has been fun, expressive and insightful; equipping SAP for a more inclusive future. In 2019, we will continue our partnership with Forefront, in development of our ability to fully embrace difference."

Miguel Castro

Global Lead for Culture and Identity, SAP

“At SAP, we know that fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. When we focus on culture and identity, we honor the many voices who bring diversity of thought to inspire our innovation. It is important that our leaders represent the diversity of our customers and societies. Since 2017, Forefront has been one of our key partners in addressing this focus area."

Margot Goodson

Diversity and Inclusion Lead, SAP

What makes Forefront unique, is that it taps into that introspective look, it helps us understand what we can do as employees - for ourselves and as a company, to make a difference."

Forefront Community

Due to our work with our corporate partners, we are able to reinvest in the community and partner with nonprofits and educational institutions doing amazing work across the country.



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“Forefront was able to open conversation that needed to be had.”
“I feel more confident at being able to engage with my managers on self advocacy & finding ways to voice my needs/concerns to the organization.”
“It was a fascinating experience. I am always amazed by how much a little perspective can close the gap between people.”
"This was definitely a different program. It gave us a better insight of our lives and those around us. The lines that separated us all were so small, yet large enough to have us be unique in our own way."
"We opened up and came up with clear solutions to inclusion challenges."
"This really brought a group of diverse folks closer than normal."
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