How To Write The Perfect Resume...Pero Like

This blog was inspired by one of our favorite Spanglish saying, "Pero Like", which is also a media company. Check out their videos here.

Write your address neatly at the top of the page.

Pero like...don’t add your address if you’re applying for a position outside your hometown. You don’t want employers to discount you for having to relocate or commute long distances.

Add an “Objective” section to clarify your intentions.

Pero like…only if there’s no other way for you to communicate them to the employer. Try to save space for other content.

List all your relevant work experience and achievements.

Pero like...prioritize work experiences where you made a significant contribution with real outcomes.

Be specific about what you’ve accomplished.

Pero like...only use action verbs such as “supervised”, “organized”, “implemented”.

List your top soft skills - it will give employers a sense of what you value.

Pero like...don’t forget those hard skills. Like Microsoft Word.

Your volunteer work is important - make space for it.

Pero like...list your volunteer experience separate from your paid experience.

Use design to express your creativity.

Pero like...stick to popular fonts and don’t use crazy colors.

Customize your resume for every employer to show that you care.

Pero like...nobody has time for that. Invest more in networking.

Resumes are a dying breed - focus on your LinkedIn Profile!

Pero like...they’re still necessary. The majority of employers still ask for them.

There’s endless advice out there on how to write the perfect resume...pero like it’s impossible to know what small change will make the difference to an employer. All you can do is make something you’re proud of, and trust that the right employer for you will appreciate it. 😊

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