• Yulkendy Valdez

Navigating COVID-19 😷 as a College Student

In the Latin community, we are taught to be strong. If you catch a common cold or the flu, you face it and take some VapoRub.

However, COVID-19 is more than physical sickness. It is taking a mental toll, especially in marginalized communities.

This pandemic is showing us the extreme inequities of our education and labor systems, and its impact on low-income and students of color.

We still hear people say things like this:

You can be everything you want to be in America.
Work hard, and you will get there.
The American Dream is alive and well.


Things happen 😨

As your classes move to an online format and you figure out how to navigate COVID-19, I put together three recommendations of how you can take care of yourself and your peers during this time:

1) Volunteer at your local Food Bank if you are feeling healthy or host a virtual food drive.

2) Create saving groups or tandas which are very common in the Latino community to support your friends for expenses that come up as a result of needing to find temporary housing.

3) If you are still looking for a full-time job right out of college or summer internship, create virtual peer learning groups with your friends to review one another’s resumes and conduct mock interviews.

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