Resume Recipe

Prep Time: 90 minutes (allow up to 7 days of procrastination)

Servings: A gazillion potential employers


  • ½ teaspoon of sugar-coating 🍬 Azucar!!!

  • 3 oz. of active verbs 🏃🏽

  • A pinch of left-aligned bullet points with some adobo sprinkled on top

  • 9 cups of Cafe Bustelo ☕

  • 2 episodes of your favorite tv show 📺 as you will need a break 😫


  1. Mix together the 🏃🏽 and 🍬. It should have the consistency of a well-rounded, qualified job candidate.

  2. Place neatly on your favorite resume template, sprinkle left-aligned bullet points as desired.

  3. Allow the document to bake in an open web browser tab for 60 minutes. While you wait, binge-watch Gentefied on Netflix 📺. Drink all the ☕.

Your resume is ready to serve - with a warm intro! #jobtips #Latinx