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Want to write a great resume? Become a Poet 📓

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

There is not an all-size fit all with resumes. Your resume should be tailored to the industry you are in, and more importantly, the role you are applying to.

We could give you another guide of how to write a great resume / or Resume 101, but instead, we wrote you 10 poems which include best practices 💡.


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“Resumes are not Red”

Based on a Sir Edmund Spenser poem “The Faerie Queene”

Roses are red 🌹

Resumes are black 📄

Black Helvetica font, I mean 💻

In 8 ½ x 11 white paper 🖨️

Professional, Concise, and Clean 💼

Single-Space, double space only for essays ☑️

Giving you the foundation 🗝️

To write up the best 1-page resume 👏

The best in the nation 🏆

Note / Helvetica is not the only acceptable font. We are just a bit biased 😉. You can also use other Sans Serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Century Gothic, Gill Sans MT (but NEVER Comic Sans), Lucida Sans and Tahoma.

If you are in a creative industry, you might have more room to add a pop of color, but even then I would save that for your personal website.

Bonus / Having a website can increase your chances of getting an interview 💯.


Based on Langston Hughes poem, “Dreams”

Hold fast to headers 🤗

For if headers die 💀

A resume is a broken-winged bird 🦅

That cannot fly 😢

To fly high, include your full name ✔️

Phone number, so you don’t wonder ✔️

If they can’t reach you ☎️

Email, so if issues come up, you can prevail 📧

Home address is optional 📍; not longer required

The Url to your personal website if you want to fly higher 💸

No photo needed; this is not an ID. 🤳🏿

Hold fast to headers 🤗

For when headers go😢

A resume is a barren-field 😰

Frozen with snow 🌨️

Note / Headers are important but don’t go wild. Remember, professional and sleek are the keys to the game 🔑🔑. Make sure to make your full name stand out by increasing the size of the font and bolding it.

“The Resume Not Written”

Based on a Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken”

Two types of resumes diverge in my computer,

And sorry I could not write both

And be one person, long I sat

And considered both options, while staring at my cat 🐈

Until she felt asleep at night

The most common resume is chronological ⏳

Where you list your experiences

With your most recent work history first; kind of methodical

But there is also functional, where it focuses on your skills

This is ideal for people making a career change

So you can show hiring managers your transferable skills (🔗)

I shall be telling you this with a sigh 😔

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two resumes diverge in my computer, and I

Chose the structure that was perfect for me, 💚

And that has made all the difference

Once you selected a structure

Included your header; Adjusted your margins

like you are making a sculpture 🗿

Set up your font and your colors

You can choose to include a resume objective

2-3 sentences; save the rest for the cover

Not a magazine cover. A Cover Letter (🔗) is more effective

But in some cases you can include a few more sentences

With drafting a resume summary

So many things to do, but not need to hurry

Next step, is to actually write out your experiences

The ones that matter to your role the most

I am not worried, since I know you are a boss 💪

Note / A lot of us spend hours trying to choose the best resume template similar to how long we spend picking a family movie on Netflix. 📢 Mami, pick a pelicula already, please.

I recommend you start with a simple template that you like and feel comfortable using, and then ask people in your field for lots of feedback. You are never going to build the perfect resume in one sitting.

“Resume Categories”

Based on a type of poem, called Haikus

1. “Education Section (🔗)”

Include your major

Graduation dates and awards 🎓

And GPA too

Note / Add relevant completed courses, awards & honors, and clubs & organizations. Only include your GPA if it's higher than 3.0. You can also have a separate section for Extracurricular Activities where you list your clubs & organizations, especially those where you have leadership roles if you are still in college. Take a similar approach if you have any certifications and licenses (🔗).

2. “Technical Skills (🔗)”

Software Engineers 👨‍💻

Highlight your programming skills

Jira to Python

Note / Only list skills (🔗) that are relevant to your role and that you are proficient in. Remember, the first person that reads your resume (🔗) is not a person at all. It is a robot 🤖 (🔗). To ensure success, include the coding languages that are in the job description or ask the recruiter or hiring managers in advance, what technical skills are essential for the role.

3. “Work Experience Section (🔗)”

Include the jobs held

A bulleted list of tasks

And duties performed ☑️

Note / Also, include the location of the job and the date. In general, focus on outcomes. Use action verbs (🔗) and as much quantitative data as possible. For example, “Catalogued 500+ pieces of inventory into our Salesforce database which increased our revenue by 10%.

4. “Skills Section (🔗)”

Based on the role, write

A quick outline of your skills

Both “hard” and “soft” skills 🧠

Note / Only list skills (🔗) that are relevant to your role and that you are proficient in. Remember, the first person that reads your resume is not a person at all. It is a robot🤖. To ensure success, include the skills that are in the job description or ask the recruiter or hiring managers in advance, what skills are essential for the role.

4. Another Example Focused on Soft Skills - Continuation

5. “Interest & Affiliation Section (🔗)”

Only list interests

Relevant to your role or

If it shows new skills 🤓

Note / The fact you like hiking 🥾 is not relevant as long as you are applying to a hiking company, or there happens to be a hiking club at the employer you are interested in working for. Take a similar approach if you decide to show volunteering experience (🔗). Overall, emphasize activities where you had a leadership role.

6. “Languages (🔗)”


To proficient only

Global Citizen 🌍

Note / If you took a Duolingo class for Portuguese and you are only in beginner level, don’t put it on your resume (🔗) as it might come back to haunt you. Imagine if the interviewer is Brazilian, and you wrote that you are proficient in Portuguese, but that’s not really the case. It is better to be honest from the beginning.

“The Resume of Your Dreams”

Based on The Notorious B.I.G, “Juicy”

It was all a dream 💭

I use to read up Forbes Magazine 📰

Jessica Alba and Oprah up in the limousine

Hangin' pictures on my wall, every Michelle Obama speech, Beyonce, and Lebron James

I started to imagine big

And man, I was going to make it

You never thought that I would take it this far

Now I am in the limelight, cause my resume is tight

Time to get paid, shining bright like a star 🌟

Remembering the days I used to struggle

But now anything life throws at me

I can juggle

I am blowing up like I thought I would

I am confident

I believe in my strengths

It’s like I am an avenger

With multiple superpowers 🦸‍♀️

So call me up, check out my resume

I am ready for an interview 💪🏽

And if you don’t know,

Now you know

Note / That’s right. There is an invisible category in your resume, and that is confidence. No one is going to believe in yourself more than you. You are going to get a lot of “No’s” (🔗), but as long as you know, what you bring to the table, the right opportunity will come along. In the meantime, keep making your resume better.

Make sure to save multiple versions of your resume using this format [First Name_Last Name_Employer_Date of Last Revision]. This signals that you are organized, and also mitigates you sending the wrong version of your resume. In fact, you should be tailoring your resume for each job to ensure your success 💯.

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