• Yulkendy Valdez

What does my Abuela have to say about work-life balance?

In Latin culture, your abuelita or your grandmother is the cornerstone of the family. As a little kid, you learn early on that you respect your elders and what abuelita says goes.

No matter how much the grandkids would want to complain, we know that our abuelitas are #bossladies. Our abuelitas are great multitaskers, from making sure the entire family gets fed to being your alarm clock in the morning, to the life of the party at one of your friend’s quinceaneras.

This #InternationalWomensDay, I wanted to celebrate my abuelita or mama as I call her, and all the grandmothers around the world.

I learned a lot from my grandmother about living a well-balanced life, so I thought I passed on some tips to all of you on work-life balance abuelita style:

1. Have fun!

"Mi hija, vete a bailar, sal de la oficina”.

Abuelitas know that life is not all about work and that you should have a hobby outside of work, whether it is dancing or the arts. Find what makes you happy and dance the night away.

2. Eat healthy food!

"Mija, tiene que cuidarte y comer comida buena."

We all know that look when you tell your abuela that you ate Chipotle for the 5th day in a row. When we are healthy, we produce better work. Abuela knows best.

3. Invest time in self-love and building relationships!

¿"Mija, tu tienes un novio"?

Okay, true, my abuela doesn't understand the concept of self-love and is always asking to get the scoop on her grandchildren's significant other. In her defense, my abuela got married within a week of meeting my grandfather 💖.

However, our abuelas want the best for us and want us to surround ourselves with great people at work and outside of work.

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