What You Should Know Before Your Job Interview - Part 1, Consejitos

You just received the notification that you’ve been selected for a job interview; now what?

You spent hours writing, reviewing, and rewriting your resume while listening to some of your favorite soundtracks (there is something about Callaita by Bad Bunny), but now is the time to show the employer what you’re made of. We know that it can feel overwhelming prepping for an interview, so we’re releasing Consejitos (simple tips), a 3-part series focused on what you should know before your job interview. Disfrutalo (enjoy it)!

Ir Con Confianza (Go With Confidence)

Have you ever seen someone walk past you and think to yourself, “Wow, there was something about that person’s energy; what was that?”

Damas y Caballeros (ladies and gentlemen), that was confidence that you just felt. I don’t know at what point it happens, but speaking from personal experience doubt can start to sink in right before the interview, which could be due to overthinking, or imposter syndrome. This is especially true if you’ve worked really hard for the opportunity to interview with the company, or if it’s a competitive and desirable employer.

So how do you increase your confidence before an interview? Well, here are 3 tricks that we’ve picked up; experiment and see if they work for you too!

1 - Positive self-talk

“I got this,” “I worked really hard for this,” “This is what I’ve been waiting for,” “I know I can do this,” are all examples of what you can tell yourself to increase confidence. Cree en ti mismo (Believe in yourself!).

2 - Listen to your favorite upbeat soundtrack

The good vibes produced by one of your favorite soundtracks is hard to compete with, and takes you out of your head.


POWER POSES. See what I did there with the heading?  In the same way that I inflated the words with bold and caps, you can do to yourself with something like power poses.

What are power poses? A self-improvement technique or “life hack” in which people stand in a posture that they mentally associate with being powerful, in the hope of feeling and behaving more assertively. There is no one right way to do a power pose, so find the one that works for you.

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