What You Should Know Before Your Job Interview - Part 2, Consejitos

If you like futbol (soccer) can you please levanta tu mano (raise your hand)? So you’re aware, we’ll be writing the rest of this article with the hand that’s not raised (kidding).

Since you’re here to gain tips on what you should know before your job interview, you may be wondering what soccer and job interviews have in common. Soccer is a team sport and the job that you’re interviewing for is likely part of a team unless you will be the only person in that department for the entire company. Even then, you’ll likely have to interact with other parts of the company. As Part 2 of Consejitos (simple tips), we are going to break down why this analogy is so important to understand. Disfrutalo (enjoy)!

El Negocio Es Un Deporte De Equipo (Business is a Team Sport)

Have you ever watched a soccer match and thought to yourself, “That player can do it all and they never get tired”?

You may be watching an all-star athlete, but underneath it all you are watching a team player because if that player wanted to, they could only score one goal and then ask to be taken out of the game. However, they continue to play the game and score goals to make sure their team wins. That is the type of player everyone wants on their team, and businesses are no different.

So, how can you market yourself as someone who everyone wants on their team? Here are 3 tips that we’ve learned by talking to employers; experiment with them, and see if they work for you!

1 - Showcase examples of you having a winning spirit

Employers want to recruit someone who has a “can do” attitude; in sports that’s what wins games, and at work that’s what wins promotions, and access to collaborate on special projects.

2 - Have a positive attitude

If you’ve ever seen a happy and positive player on the soccer field, I’m sure you’ve noticed how contagious it is to other players. Be sure to smile during the interview and leave a good impression on every person that you meet, that includes the people who you meet when you step off the elevator because that interaction may make its way to the interviewer.

3 - Show that you’re willing to put in the time to learn

Unless you have experience working in the identical job for which you’re interviewing, chances are that you’re going to have to learn a lot on the job. Be prepared to showcase examples of times when you didn’t know something, but took the initiative to learn and practice the skill.

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