“There is no natural pathway for connection [between senior leaders and ambitious young people]; it’s not going to happen just walking down the hall. These places have to be created. ”
- Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox
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Forefront accelerates culture change and helps you develop 21st century talent that is equipped to meet the demands of the future of work.

We help organizations remain employers of choice and create culture change that leads to more innovation, profitability, and market growth. Through our dynamic workshops and training, we engage and energize your emerging talent and their leaders to work together to build Forefront Cultures™ - workplaces where everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

Our customized training teaches your employees a practical framework on how to foster workplaces where everyone wants to work in, stay in, and thrive. All of our workshops are action-oriented, fun and experiential.

Forefront Cultures™

Forefront Cultures™ trainings are a new kind of leadership program that leverages intergenerational and peer-based learning by bringing together emerging talent and senior leaders for transformative dialogues and inclusive collaboration. In the process, we help you foster community and build authentic relationships across difference.

When employees have sponsors (senior-level advocates who help them advance their careers), the likelihood of perceiving implicit bias drops 90%. The most effective talent initiatives are the those that connect emerging talent with senior leaders. Contact us to learn more.

Offsite Experiences

Sometimes leaving the office is not a bad idea. Our team can help you design immersive programs that bring your people closer together outside the constraints of your offices four walls.

We believe that the best way to eliminate biases in the workplace is to build compassion, authenticity, and trust which are essential building blocks for a better workplace and world. Research proves that the arts, media, and storytelling are effective mediums to enable behavioral change. Contact us to get started.

Forefront Summits

Hands-on recruitment conferences that bring together Human Resource leaders and emerging talent, to collaborate and crack the code on designing workplace cultures that work for all. Sponsor the next summit.

Custom Programs

We offer customized workshops as an extended part of your talent strategies through our Forefront Cultures™ framework. Workshops include Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Competency, Workplace Belonging and Wellbeing, Cross-Generational and Cross-Racial/Ethnic Collaboration. We can also provide public speaking at your next conference or event. Let's explore the possibilities.

Our Process

Step 01 / Background

Our team of Forefront Coaches conduct a series of interviews and focus groups with employees that help us understand your company's opportunities and design a customized program experience.

Step 02 / Common Ground

Forefront Coaches facilitate our proprietary training tailored to your needs and timeline. Based on the results of the assessment, we help you curate a diverse cohort of leaders to meet your specific goals. Participants in each cohort design initiatives that increase your employee engagement, workplace inclusion, and belonging while enhancing their 21st-century leadership skills.

Step 03 / Foreground

Forefront Coaches packages cohort insights in the form of a thought piece that may be shared more broadly - this could be an informative, yet visual and digestible report that would be accessible to you and your entire employee base on your internet, communications blogs, social media and annual report.
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